Monday, 28 December 2009

Update & Seasons Greetings


I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful New Year too!
I'm sorry for the absence on here on my part. I've had a fairly bad year, losing members of my family and my pets and then my health took a downward spiral also. Hoping that this year brings a good one, I could do with it.

With all that has been going on in my life, I've not been able to get on with my artwork or writing as I would have liked to or indeed, intended to. A few days ago I at last, picked up my paintbrushes and began to paint again, working once more on my lioness.
She's beginning to shape up nicely and I'm probably about two thirds of the way through this piece now.

I've added many glazes of colour to this piece now and will continue to ad a few more before working more on the fur texture.

Thats all for now, hoping to exhibit in the New Year with some of my bird paintings, will update as soon as I know.

Keep well and have a wonderful New Year!
Gaynor ~ xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New Photo Packs and Artwork tubes available now - Some Freebies too!

I'm almost caught up now with things and so it's almost time to sort out some competitions and announce the upcoming new pieces that will be on offer... but not just yet - watch this space!

Meanwhile I have another little freebie photographic images pack for you - Autumn Leaves.


New Tubes and images are available from my shop on my website:
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New FREE photo pack released
today - Autumn Leaves
See details on my website.
This pack is free, just send me an email following the instructions on the item's page and I'll send you your pack as soon as possible to your email

A few of the wonderful tags recently made for me using my art and photography ~ thanks so much to Dawn, Chelley, Estelle and Lori ~ xxx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Going Independent & other News

News and updates:

As from 1st September 2009, I will no longer be a licensed artist with Mistaken Art. After several weeks of careful consideration, I have decided to offer my artwork and photography independently at my website.

All unlimited licenses will of course, remain valid as will all licenses, free and purchased to use my work, but I will need you to contact me for your new license number which will come into effect from the 1st September 2009.

The reasons for this is to prevent any confusion when using my artwork and photography. In the instance where you may wonder which number to use with which tube/image, to ensure that if you're using more than one of my images on a tag or stationery that you only use one license number and also to make it easier for those in the groups, one number - one artist.

So, to change your details, please contact me and let me know your current license number, name and contact email address. I will also require some proof of purchase, a paypal receipt or confirmation from MtA or AMI, if you purchased my work previously from them. If you cannot provide proof, please let me know and I will contact MtA on your behalf.

In the subject line of your email, please put 'License Number Exchange'. And that's all there is to it. I will be dealing directly with them and you will receive your new number within 24 hrs.

After you receive your new number, you will be invited to join my new yahoo group, though you can join before if you wish :D And from the 1st of September, please start using your new number on all your creations.

So that's the latest news I have for you, other than that, I've been real busy on my novels that I'm working on. I'll be making a new blog page for my writing soon. I was considering placing it on this blog but think it may be better to separate my artwork from my writing.

The August tag contest is now cancelled. I am away on holiday during the end of August and so wouldn't be around to judge it while still with MtA... but no worries, I will be back with several competitions coming up - watch this space!

I'm working on a new Snow White inspired girly picture and am totally lost on a title for her.

Maybe I will host a contest to find her a name, as soon as she's finished :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far.

Gaynor ~ x

Monday, 29 June 2009

Whatever happened to June?

I can't believe that it is almost July - whatever happened to June!

Since my last blog, I've haven't done too much as family matters took me away. Amongst which, we sadly lost a few members of the family... also lost my dog Tyler and now one of my cats, the eldest one of 14 yrs is missing, which isn't like him at all :(

I'm undergoing more investigation into my health issues again. The doctors are once more saying Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I wouldn't accept that before, despite the symptoms agreeing... anyway I have 2 extra cervical ribs at my neck. It seems that now they can also do keyhole surgery to remove them if it's straightforward so there is a possibly that if I have to go that way there is a chance of a good result.

Ahh, I have to go for extensive nerve conduction studies on both my arms at the end of the week at hospital to see if anywhere needs decompression again before moving on.

Some days are hard going. The pain is strong at times through compression, trapped nerves, etc, and my hands don't always do as I want them to because of it - so annoying, especially as I'm normally one of those persons that doesn't want to sit still and just wants to do!

I've complete the painting of the Blue Tits in Acrylic on canvas. I haven't placed it online properly as yet as I haven't really got a good photo of it. If I can get one I'll add it.

Also completed is Smoo (digital version).

Still working on Peregrines at Black Rocks - did some more work on that one this month, Springer Spaniel, and also a new one - Lioness in acrylics and colored pencils.

In July, I'm taking part in JulNoWriMo - similar to NanoWriMo (write a book/50,000 words or more in a month), but in July, so will spend much of the month concentrating on that as it's easier on my arms than the artwork, but will no doubt have some new work to show you during the month anyway!

Take care and have a lovely week :)

Monday, 15 June 2009

New Photo Packs and Artwork tube - just released at Mistaken Art!

Three NEW releases at Mistaken Art for PSP >

The Sea Photo Pack contains sea themed images of a Blenny, a Sea Apple, a Grouper and Sea Anemones. A gorgeous pack for nature and ocean lovers.


Scapes Photo Pack, containing the following water featuring images - Twilight Reflections, Lakescape, Beachscape and The Quay.
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NEW artwork tube - Jeopardy. Currently on offer for a limited time at Mistaken Art during the Center Stage Artist Month for June - will be $1.85..... JUNE PRICE - $1.20!

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Center Stage Artist for June at Mistaken Art!

I'm the Center Stage Artist for June at Mistaken Art.....
which means that all my tubes and images are available for a limited time at a lowered price - and that includes my unlimited license too!

So call and see the special offers here!

Also NEW photo pack Click > - Fish, Fur and Feathers Photo Pack. This will be $4.00 but is currently on offer at $3.00 so hurry to get yours now.

Great pack - Tang, Soay Sheep, Giant Marmot and Ferruginous Duck.

Don't forget to check out the freebies I have at Mistaken Art also!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Painting in progress - Peregrines at Black Rocks

I started to layout and paint this piece back in Spring 2005. Due to my ups and downs with Fibromyalgia and what not, it gradually moved to the back on the pile and has been waiting for me to get back to it.

So starting at the beginning...
On a cold icy day back in 2005, January 23rd to be exact, I went out on a circular walk which covered the Cromford area of the Peak District and took me around the farmlands and over to the Black Rocks. Of course, as always, I took lots of photographs including references for my backgrounds.

This is one of those photographs, of which I decided to use as my background for a painting that I wanted to do depicting wildlife in Derbyshire.

I haven't as yet spotted any peregrines during my walks into the Peak District but have read many articles about them being there. So my 'models' of peregrines are found from the range of birds of prey photographs I have taken over the years; the peregrine photographs captured at various bird stands, sanctuaries and parks. I will be turning to many of these when I finally start to work on the ones in my painting.

After priming the canvas, I sketched the black rocks background onto the canvas and decided where I wanted my birds to be. Then I laid several light washes of ultramarine, alizarine crimson hue and chroma white acrylics for the sky. I began working on the background and the foreground trees and gave a light wash of grey over the rocks. And then I put it away.

Until now that is :)

I decided to get back to this one today and after giving it a quick clean I began to lay in several light washes again for the sky, using the same colours as before.
After I was happy with that, I began to work more on the background and worked over the foreground sketch in paint to make it easier to see. Then I stopped but haven't put it away this time :)

Another update soon - this is the painting so far -

I'm hoping that I can achieve a similar end result to my painting of the buzzard at Lover's Leap in Dovedale that I painted in 2006.  

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Latest update on the Lioness painting

Here is the latest update of my work in progress, The Lioness, working on Stonehenge 100% cotton - size is approx. 8.5  x 10 inches. 
I have coloured the background using Caran d'Ache Pablo pencils and then after working on the Lioness also in the pencils and adding some shadow areas, I began to use my acrylic paints.

Starting from the top of the head to her cheek, each layer of paint, each fine hair is painted using thin acrylic. I also add thin washes to the fur where I want to strengthen my shadow areas being sure to blend the edges for a soft finish.

Finishing for now at her cheek, the next stage in this works progress will be shown at a future update. 

Friday, 5 June 2009

Adopt a monkey -Kelloggs offer

I just adopted a vervet monkey by buying the special packs of cereals by Kelloggs. They've teamed up with Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Africa to help us to support the rescued and orphaned monkeys they have there with an aim to release those suitable back into the wild.

What a great idea!

Anyway, my chosen adoptee is Chico, a great little vervet monkey. 

And here he is - 

I can see me eating coco pops for the for-seeable future as the offer carries on until the end of next March - but, such it's a super way to contribute to a great cause.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

MAY Tag Contest Winners!

© Gaynor Lewis Photo Pack + 1 Tube Single
MtA-P0270 - HiDBee


2 © Gaynor Lewis Tube Singles
MtA - F266 - WillowRaven

So many beautiful entries, thanks so much to those that took part and of course to the winners - stunning tags!

All entries will be displayed in the featured tags section on my website for 1 month.

The winners tags will be displayed on the Competition Winners page on my website.

To view all May Contest entries - click here

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Blue Tits painting

Here is the finished painting:

Painted in acrylics on a box canvas

All sides have also been painted.

Many, many layers of acrylic paint went into creating this piece and a little paper texture added also here and there to add more interest to this painting featuring these sweet little birds - the Blue Tits.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Drawing - Lioness - Part 3

Today I've been building up color and have worked more on the eyes. Unsure yet as to the background - I sort of like it how it is now, leaving it plain and light, however some color would set the lighter fur off at the edges.
Will put it away for a short while and think on it.

Meanwhile I have work to do on the Blue tits painting, the Peregrines at Black Rocks painting and also on the digital piece Smoo.

More updates on the Lioness soon.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

New drawing - Lioness - Part 2

Today I worked a little more on the lioness picture. I worked at putting the base colors for about an hour but then stopped because of pain in my wrist during the layering and blending. 

Heres a visual update on its progress:

On Stonehenge paper, 100% cotton. 
More on this piece as I work on it.

Friday, 15 May 2009

New drawing - Lioness - Part 1

Today I felt it was time to start a new piece. This one isn't too big, which is great as I've started getting quite alot of pain in my right arm again. Total size approx. 9" x 10" inches... or thereabouts - haven't decided yet how big I will go around the main subject.

So after a doctors visit to sort out a hospital appointment to try to get it sorted out, it was back home to settle into a late rainy afternoon of drawing.

This is my subject that I am going to work on.

It's an Asiatic Lion, which I took several photographs for my art reference folder. 

I chose this one as it felt a little more majestic than the others I had, a few were really cute and I didn't really feel like they contained the 'awe' factor that a lions image should portray. 

So, having decided on the photograph I desaturated the image for ease of drawing and drew the lioness using a 3B pencil and a mechanical pencil.

Then I was going to scan it to show it before beginning the coloring. But, I got carried away and started filling in the base colors for the nose before remembering - whoops :)

Anyway, here is the image, drawn and nose partly done (colored pencils).

Next I will begin to color more in the colored pencils. This will be completed using colored pencils and either gouache or acrylics.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Crowned Crane

Watercolour painting 'The Crowned Crane' is one of my favourite paintings.

I really enjoyed painting this one and never tire of watching these fantastic birds whenever I get the chance.

The Crowned Crane - Showing the painting framed and unframed, this piece has been professionally framed with beech coloured frame as shown and cream coloured mount, glazed.

Size is approx. 19" x 15" inches framed; approx. 14" x 10" inches unframed.

Available to purchase from my website now - FREE SHIPPING!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Blue Tits in Spring WIP - part 2

Ok, I just wasn't happy with that light blue background and so decided that I wanted a darker background. 

I proceeded to mask the flowers, stems and blue tits and repainted my background in greens. So background done and another layer of acrylic on the rest, I'm ready to work on the detail. 
I just began a little of the detail today, but feel this is coming together nicely now.

Monday, 4 May 2009

New pspers photo pack - Ducks!

PSPERS - NEW - Photo image pack - Ducks!

This pack features different species of ducks - Cape Shelduck, Red-Breasted Merganser, Flightless Steamer Duck and Chiloe Wigeon.

Available now at Mistaken Art - click HERE to buy yours!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Monthly Tag Contest

Launched at the Artist Chat yesterday with Mistaken Art:

Each month, I will be having a Tag Contest with Mistaken Art.

The winning tag will be featured on my website homepage as well as on a special page in my tag gallery. It will also feature at my other pages on MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Other fabulous prizes will be announced during 2009 - watch this space!

All ©Gaynor Lewis Art released by MtA is part of the License Exchange *©Gaynor Lewis Art used in Contests will need an MtA License Number*

For more information/exchange for the current images/tubes on site

Please visit this page - MTA CONTEST LINK

You may purchase ($0.00) the ©Gaynor Lewis Photo Pack *FREEBIE* or the Blue Tit *FREEBIE* to enter, so it's not necessary to buy any tubes to be a part of this contest, but feel free to purchase too :)


All requests MUST have your MtA License Number


If You don't have a FTU (Free to Use) License yet, get one now at Mistaken Art!


Include your First & Last Name, and Yahoo ID when applying for the FTU license.




Create a Tag for Gaynor ~ 500 X 500 Max. Size

Animated or Non-Animated

.gif or .jpg format ONLY

Copyright/MTA License info MUST be correct and easy to read!


To find out how to enter, visit - MTA CONTEST LINK

Contest Closes: SUN MAY 31st @ 8pm EST



©Gaynor Lewis Custom Packs & Tube Singles!



Friday, 24 April 2009

Free PSP Tubes at Mistaken Art!

The chat went really well and was most enjoyable. During  the chat, it was announced that  there will now be a monthly competition for pspers to make tags - more on that real soon.

For now, I want to let you guys know that my Blue Tit drawing was launched as a freebie today also and so I now have two freebies available over there - Blue tit and a pack of four photography flower images.

Click on the title below the images to get yours now (you will not be charged).  Add Video

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Artist Chat this Friday!

I am going to be at Mistaken Art's Chatroom on Friday 24th April 2009, 12pm EST / 5pm UK, to chat and answer questions.

Hope to see you there!

Gaynor ~ x

Friday, 10 April 2009

I'm now available to hire/commission to create personalized tubes for psp hobbyists. Special low prices for these as its personal usage, not commercial and because I love the tags you make :)

Please go to Mistaken Arts HERE to place your order. Details as follows:

Artist for Hire & Personalized Tubes - Gaynor Lewis.

Gaynor is now available for commissions in a range of styles to suit, including but not limited to:

Cartoon, Landscapes, Seascapes, Pin-up, Pets, Wildlife, Sexy... contact with your ideas.

For personalized tubes - 

Personalized tubes, based on your pics/specs.
Each one 6 x 9 inches and at 300 dpi, suitable for printing. 

Colored single character without background - $25
Colored single character with low detail background - $30
Colored single character with background - $40 

Extra character - $10

Accessories such as doll, pet, etc can be added to the artwork for no extra charge.

Colored single pet/wildlife without background - $25
Colored single pet/wildlife with low detail background - $30
Colored single pet/wildlife with background - $40

Extra pet/wildlife character  - $10

These prices are for digital artwork. If you would like a traditional painting/drawing instead, please contact to discuss as the price will be higher due to materials used, time and postage/insurance to send you the finished piece.

To purchase, please do the following - click 

Also available for traditional artwork, book covers, event posters, logos, etc. contact me to discuss ideas, costs, etc.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Blue Tits in Spring WIP

Over four hours later and I don't feel like I've moved too far. The birds are looking brighter now...

and the overall appearance so far is quite appealing...

Time to take a break from this one for a short time. Daylights fading and I hate painting in unnatural light. 
More on this one later :)