Friday, 10 April 2009

I'm now available to hire/commission to create personalized tubes for psp hobbyists. Special low prices for these as its personal usage, not commercial and because I love the tags you make :)

Please go to Mistaken Arts HERE to place your order. Details as follows:

Artist for Hire & Personalized Tubes - Gaynor Lewis.

Gaynor is now available for commissions in a range of styles to suit, including but not limited to:

Cartoon, Landscapes, Seascapes, Pin-up, Pets, Wildlife, Sexy... contact with your ideas.

For personalized tubes - 

Personalized tubes, based on your pics/specs.
Each one 6 x 9 inches and at 300 dpi, suitable for printing. 

Colored single character without background - $25
Colored single character with low detail background - $30
Colored single character with background - $40 

Extra character - $10

Accessories such as doll, pet, etc can be added to the artwork for no extra charge.

Colored single pet/wildlife without background - $25
Colored single pet/wildlife with low detail background - $30
Colored single pet/wildlife with background - $40

Extra pet/wildlife character  - $10

These prices are for digital artwork. If you would like a traditional painting/drawing instead, please contact to discuss as the price will be higher due to materials used, time and postage/insurance to send you the finished piece.

To purchase, please do the following - click 

Also available for traditional artwork, book covers, event posters, logos, etc. contact me to discuss ideas, costs, etc.

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