Saturday, 25 April 2009

Monthly Tag Contest

Launched at the Artist Chat yesterday with Mistaken Art:

Each month, I will be having a Tag Contest with Mistaken Art.

The winning tag will be featured on my website homepage as well as on a special page in my tag gallery. It will also feature at my other pages on MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Other fabulous prizes will be announced during 2009 - watch this space!

All ©Gaynor Lewis Art released by MtA is part of the License Exchange *©Gaynor Lewis Art used in Contests will need an MtA License Number*

For more information/exchange for the current images/tubes on site

Please visit this page - MTA CONTEST LINK

You may purchase ($0.00) the ©Gaynor Lewis Photo Pack *FREEBIE* or the Blue Tit *FREEBIE* to enter, so it's not necessary to buy any tubes to be a part of this contest, but feel free to purchase too :)


All requests MUST have your MtA License Number


If You don't have a FTU (Free to Use) License yet, get one now at Mistaken Art!


Include your First & Last Name, and Yahoo ID when applying for the FTU license.




Create a Tag for Gaynor ~ 500 X 500 Max. Size

Animated or Non-Animated

.gif or .jpg format ONLY

Copyright/MTA License info MUST be correct and easy to read!


To find out how to enter, visit - MTA CONTEST LINK

Contest Closes: SUN MAY 31st @ 8pm EST



©Gaynor Lewis Custom Packs & Tube Singles!



Friday, 24 April 2009

Free PSP Tubes at Mistaken Art!

The chat went really well and was most enjoyable. During  the chat, it was announced that  there will now be a monthly competition for pspers to make tags - more on that real soon.

For now, I want to let you guys know that my Blue Tit drawing was launched as a freebie today also and so I now have two freebies available over there - Blue tit and a pack of four photography flower images.

Click on the title below the images to get yours now (you will not be charged).  Add Video

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Artist Chat this Friday!

I am going to be at Mistaken Art's Chatroom on Friday 24th April 2009, 12pm EST / 5pm UK, to chat and answer questions.

Hope to see you there!

Gaynor ~ x

Friday, 10 April 2009

I'm now available to hire/commission to create personalized tubes for psp hobbyists. Special low prices for these as its personal usage, not commercial and because I love the tags you make :)

Please go to Mistaken Arts HERE to place your order. Details as follows:

Artist for Hire & Personalized Tubes - Gaynor Lewis.

Gaynor is now available for commissions in a range of styles to suit, including but not limited to:

Cartoon, Landscapes, Seascapes, Pin-up, Pets, Wildlife, Sexy... contact with your ideas.

For personalized tubes - 

Personalized tubes, based on your pics/specs.
Each one 6 x 9 inches and at 300 dpi, suitable for printing. 

Colored single character without background - $25
Colored single character with low detail background - $30
Colored single character with background - $40 

Extra character - $10

Accessories such as doll, pet, etc can be added to the artwork for no extra charge.

Colored single pet/wildlife without background - $25
Colored single pet/wildlife with low detail background - $30
Colored single pet/wildlife with background - $40

Extra pet/wildlife character  - $10

These prices are for digital artwork. If you would like a traditional painting/drawing instead, please contact to discuss as the price will be higher due to materials used, time and postage/insurance to send you the finished piece.

To purchase, please do the following - click 

Also available for traditional artwork, book covers, event posters, logos, etc. contact me to discuss ideas, costs, etc.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Blue Tits in Spring WIP

Over four hours later and I don't feel like I've moved too far. The birds are looking brighter now...

and the overall appearance so far is quite appealing...

Time to take a break from this one for a short time. Daylights fading and I hate painting in unnatural light. 
More on this one later :)

What I'm working on right now!

I've been sorting out my traditional art bits and bobs, and revealed my wips again which are aching to get finished.

So... I've started working again on 'Blue Tits in Spring'

Here's a couple of details of the unfinished piece, so far.

I'm really hoping to complete this, this year lol :)

Its on a 12 x 12 box canvas, painted in acrylics.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I have decided to create a blog which will compliment my website by showing various works in progress as well as news and ideas/sketches, etc. and so, here it is - my online diary.

I use various mediums to create my art, including but not limited to: watercolors, acrylics, oils, graphite, pastels and digital (CG). Various themes are covered - I love everything nature/animals, though I also draw/paint people, cartoons - basically I love creating art, no matter what kind!