Monday, 28 December 2009

Update & Seasons Greetings


I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful New Year too!
I'm sorry for the absence on here on my part. I've had a fairly bad year, losing members of my family and my pets and then my health took a downward spiral also. Hoping that this year brings a good one, I could do with it.

With all that has been going on in my life, I've not been able to get on with my artwork or writing as I would have liked to or indeed, intended to. A few days ago I at last, picked up my paintbrushes and began to paint again, working once more on my lioness.
She's beginning to shape up nicely and I'm probably about two thirds of the way through this piece now.

I've added many glazes of colour to this piece now and will continue to ad a few more before working more on the fur texture.

Thats all for now, hoping to exhibit in the New Year with some of my bird paintings, will update as soon as I know.

Keep well and have a wonderful New Year!
Gaynor ~ xx


  1. Wow, this is amazing! Wishing you a much better year.

  2. I love your work! From where I'm standing, 2010 is bound to be a better year for lots of us....bring it on!

  3. I wish you the best for this year! I like the texture of this painting, makes me want to run my fingers thru her fur.