Sunday, 7 June 2009

Latest update on the Lioness painting

Here is the latest update of my work in progress, The Lioness, working on Stonehenge 100% cotton - size is approx. 8.5  x 10 inches. 
I have coloured the background using Caran d'Ache Pablo pencils and then after working on the Lioness also in the pencils and adding some shadow areas, I began to use my acrylic paints.

Starting from the top of the head to her cheek, each layer of paint, each fine hair is painted using thin acrylic. I also add thin washes to the fur where I want to strengthen my shadow areas being sure to blend the edges for a soft finish.

Finishing for now at her cheek, the next stage in this works progress will be shown at a future update. 


  1. this looks great! I love the softness of the fur how you painted it.

  2. Wow Gaynor this is superb, your fur is almost touchable, it looks so soft