Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Drawing - Lioness - Part 3

Today I've been building up color and have worked more on the eyes. Unsure yet as to the background - I sort of like it how it is now, leaving it plain and light, however some color would set the lighter fur off at the edges.
Will put it away for a short while and think on it.

Meanwhile I have work to do on the Blue tits painting, the Peregrines at Black Rocks painting and also on the digital piece Smoo.

More updates on the Lioness soon.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

New drawing - Lioness - Part 2

Today I worked a little more on the lioness picture. I worked at putting the base colors for about an hour but then stopped because of pain in my wrist during the layering and blending. 

Heres a visual update on its progress:

On Stonehenge paper, 100% cotton. 
More on this piece as I work on it.

Friday, 15 May 2009

New drawing - Lioness - Part 1

Today I felt it was time to start a new piece. This one isn't too big, which is great as I've started getting quite alot of pain in my right arm again. Total size approx. 9" x 10" inches... or thereabouts - haven't decided yet how big I will go around the main subject.

So after a doctors visit to sort out a hospital appointment to try to get it sorted out, it was back home to settle into a late rainy afternoon of drawing.

This is my subject that I am going to work on.

It's an Asiatic Lion, which I took several photographs for my art reference folder. 

I chose this one as it felt a little more majestic than the others I had, a few were really cute and I didn't really feel like they contained the 'awe' factor that a lions image should portray. 

So, having decided on the photograph I desaturated the image for ease of drawing and drew the lioness using a 3B pencil and a mechanical pencil.

Then I was going to scan it to show it before beginning the coloring. But, I got carried away and started filling in the base colors for the nose before remembering - whoops :)

Anyway, here is the image, drawn and nose partly done (colored pencils).

Next I will begin to color more in the colored pencils. This will be completed using colored pencils and either gouache or acrylics.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Crowned Crane

Watercolour painting 'The Crowned Crane' is one of my favourite paintings.

I really enjoyed painting this one and never tire of watching these fantastic birds whenever I get the chance.

The Crowned Crane - Showing the painting framed and unframed, this piece has been professionally framed with beech coloured frame as shown and cream coloured mount, glazed.

Size is approx. 19" x 15" inches framed; approx. 14" x 10" inches unframed.

Available to purchase from my website now - FREE SHIPPING!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Blue Tits in Spring WIP - part 2

Ok, I just wasn't happy with that light blue background and so decided that I wanted a darker background. 

I proceeded to mask the flowers, stems and blue tits and repainted my background in greens. So background done and another layer of acrylic on the rest, I'm ready to work on the detail. 
I just began a little of the detail today, but feel this is coming together nicely now.

Monday, 4 May 2009

New pspers photo pack - Ducks!

PSPERS - NEW - Photo image pack - Ducks!

This pack features different species of ducks - Cape Shelduck, Red-Breasted Merganser, Flightless Steamer Duck and Chiloe Wigeon.

Available now at Mistaken Art - click HERE to buy yours!